Handcrafted Knives and Hatchets

Hand Crafted Knives by Moose Creek Rods and Knives
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After 35 years of grinding, I no longer produce my own blades, and now buy them from another source. The larger blades are A6 (appx. 420) stainless steel that have been cryogenically tempered in minus 305 degree liquid nitrogen for vastly improved edge holding ability and will test about 58-59 Rc in hardness.

All will be handled with American wild elk tines, decorative mosaic inlays, brass finger guards and butt caps, and a hand-crafted hand stitched sheath wet formed to each knife (see sheath section for details). Small brooktrout and other knives (under 4”) will be made from laminated Norwegian carbon steel. Hatchets are made from 400 series stainless and generally follow the knife handle design.